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    I Seriously Suck

    March 29, 2016

    It’s been a bit since I have posted an update, and it’s probably because I’ve been doing so little lately to celebrate. It’s been so freaking busy, and it’s been so easy for me to revert back to bad habits. Grabbing a quick bite to eat here, making Kraft dinner there, drinking a bottle of wine here and there and everywhere (let’s be honest).

    I gained back 2 pounds.


    Don’t worry, I’m kicking my own ass as a result.

    I allowed myself to indulge more than I should, and I added on way too many extra calories by boozing it up a few times. It’s amazing how quickly it catches back up with you.

    So, I’m back to the ‘grind’ again. It’s back to healthy food and cutting out the crap (and calories from booze).

    I’ve been talking to my partner in crime, and we’ve both been feeling like reducing the amount of meat we eat. We aren’t like Fred Flintstone or anything, but we have chicken and steak and all that stuff. However, we have both been curious about moving to some more vegetarian options.

    Tonight I tried my hand at a vegetarian curry and quinoa. I would normally chunk up some chicken breast and make this dish around the chicken, but tonight the protein was chick peas and lentils instead. I have to say it was as good, if not better, than how I’d normally make it with chicken. The lentils added such a nice consistency and my dude even went back for a second helping. Winner winner non-chicken dinner!

    I’m reading a bit more on vegetarian choices and loving searching through my Yummly app for some inspiration recipes!

    If you have any amazing veggie recipes you love, please share. Or heck – why not contribute a guest recipe post on the Rawk Bottom blog (Misty I’m looking at you)!

    Back on the wagon. Giddy up folks.

    Rawk On!

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    Vegetarian Curry & Quinoa

    Print Vegetarian Curry & Quinoa Ingredients 2 large russet potatoes, peeled and cubed 1 can of chick peas washed and strained 1 can of lentils washed and strained 1 can of lite coconut milk…

    March 29, 2016