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    Baby Got Bike

    July 26, 2016

    The reason why I chose to start this blog was to hold myself accountable because I can so easily find five zillion excuses to not work out. I run my own business, so I’m busy and can use that as an excuse. But other people are just as busy, and they still find time for activity.

    So, here I am confessing to you that I’ve been a bit REALLY lazy and making excuses.

    It’s been (longer than I care to admit) days months since I’ve been on the bike. With each passing day, week, month it got harder to get back on.


    Misty on the far left. (Photo courtesy Misty Lee Sorensen Facebook)

    However, today I was wasting time on Facebook while taking a break from work watching The Bachelorette, and I saw a post from my dear friend Misty. She posted about her months long training to compete in a bikini fitness competition, and she posted her photo journey. Misty is already a hottie pie, and I’ve seen her turn a few heads. You know the type–beautiful inside and out with the megawatt smile. She was already a healthy gal as an active Vegan, but to see her photo journey that took her from va va va voom to VA VA VA VA VA VA VOOM was inspiring.

    Hell – everyone’s journey to being fit is just that–a journey. And each journey takes effort.

    I’m super proud of Misty for setting a goal and achieving it, and I’m super happy that she posted that journey because it inspired me to get back on the bike tonight (thank you Mitchell).

    Misty’s journey and sharing it with everyone inspired me.

    I hope that this post, or another post on this blog, will do the same for someone else one day.

    It’s not easy. You may stumble and fall once-in-awhile often, but you just have to keep on keeping on and take each day at a time. That’s what I’m doing.

    I had forgotten how great it feels to get on the bike and sweat. It’s a great feeling, so why on earth is it such a challenge to do daily?

    Here’s to Misty, and all the other gals out there who worked their butts off–literally.

    Rawk On!