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    My 1,600 Calories a Day Mission

    July 11, 2017

    I’ve been at this blog for a wee while now. While I haven’t lost a lot of weight, as I had hoped when I started this journey, I haven’t gained any either. Sweet!

    I realize that if I want to make some big changes happen for myself and my health, I need to come up with a plan I can stick to. It has to be easy, realistic and not be so strict that it scares me.

    One thing I’m not interested in is dieting. I’m smarter than falling for a damn diet. I need a lifestyle change, and so I’ve spent quite a bit of time researching different meal plans and what would be right for my body and to help meet my goals.

    I started following meal planning accounts and people who have successfully lost weight by changing their lives on Instagram–this is a great reminder to me each time I hop on to Instagram to see the ideas and get inspiration from those who have done it.

    The one thing I’m most attracted to doing right now is the 1,600 calorie a day plan. And no, that doesn’t mean I can have two Big Macs and be on with my life.

    This means a deeper committment to meal planning and meal prepping. And getting my fiance on the same path too, so he doesn’t tempt me with potato chips and donair poutine all the time!

    So, my mission is to plan, prep and track. I’ve already got my veggies, peas, half chicken breast and sweet potato lunches ready to roll for the next couple of days!

    I’m looking for any great recipes or meal planning ideas that can help me stick to healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks and keep in the 1,600 daily range.

    Contact me or comment on this post if you have some great suggestions!

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