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    Summer Meal Planning

    May 27, 2017

    I’m a busy person. I blame my busy schedule on why I’m unhealthy, but I know I’m my own worst enemy at the same time. I know it’s all a big excuse, and I have been trying to change my mentality and habits for years now. At the same time, because I’m a busy person, I need quick and easy ways to keep healthy, so I’m going to try something; I’m going to try compromising.

    I’m going to invest some time once a week to help myself out for the rest of the busy work week. So, today I sat down on this glorious sunny, Saturday to research some healthy meal planning blogs and recipes. Then I actually scheduled out what the week will look like.

    I’ve done this before with my fiance, Tracey. I’m usually pretty solid at getting our egg breakfast cups done on a Sunday, but I’ve always failed at meal planning for 7 days in the past, and now I know why.

    I’m not being realistic or honest with myself. I always have the best of intentions, and then stock up on hundreds of dollars of healthy groceries, then two weeks later end up tossing out the produce that went unused, which makes me feel so guilty for being so wasteful.

    So, this time I decided to be more realistic with myself and really look at my schedule for the week and figure out what I can accomplish. While there are two people in this house that need to eat, I’m the only one of us that knows how to cook healthy. If I leave the cooking and meal planning to my fiance, we’d be having hamburger helper and Kraft Dinner 7 nights a week. So, I have to take on the additional time to ensure I’m being healthy, and that means he needs to be healthy too.

    So here’s this week’s meal plan and grocery list taking into account both of our schedules. Consideration in planning this week includes:

    • nights I have a work event (this week I’m at the Operation Friendship Seniors Society gala where I won’t get to choose my meal fully)
    • nights when Tracey has hockey or ball hockey and needs a quick and light meal before he goes to play
    • nights when I might end up working later than I plan to and need to assemble something quickly
    • days when I am all over the place with meetings, in my vehicle for hours getting from location to location, and may not have access to a fridge to keep my snacks/lunch cool. (Yes, I’ve bought a cooler to keep in the vehicle to keep items cool during the hot spring and summer days. No, I haven’t used it yet, but that’s the plan.)
    • leaving Saturday off to be a bit of a cheat day (go for beers and brunch maybe?)
    • leaving Sunday morning open because we try and sleep in and sometimes only start the day at 11 a.m. or noon, but then making sure Sunday evening I’m ready to prep for the week. Sunday is the big grocery shop day as well in this schedule.

    So – this is my first attempt at getting REAL with myself and trying to set something up around our schedules while still having quick, delicious and healthy food for the week.

    If you have any great meal planning tips or recipes that work well for an on-the-go person, please comment on this post, as I’d love any tips I can get!

    ~ Rawk On

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